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 21 Days of Gratitude

1. Make a Gratitude Jar and everyday write down one thing what

you are grateful for.

2. Text someone and tell them why you're grateful for them.

3. Write down 3 positive ways to describe yourself.

4. Think of 5 things that you take for granted but actually value.

5. If something frustrates you today, take a moment to reframe and find something that is going your way.

6. Find a quote that speaks to you and how you can incorporate

into your life.

7.Write a thank you note to someone who has brought you joy.

8. Be more self-aware and think of the way you can nourish and

nurture yourself.

9. What are you grateful for in this very moment?

Take time to reflect for 5 minutes.

10. Write a thank you note to someone who has helped you grow.

11. Think of a special place that makes you feel good, visit or find

pictures of it.

12. Take a moment to connect to elders in your family, a friend or

a neighbor.

13. Look for someone to help today without expecting anything in


14. Be grateful for your house, your neighborhood, your community.


15. Think of someone whose cooking warms your soul and how

much this nourishment means to you.

16. Think of something about your body that you consider less than

perfect. Then, write a note of appreciation about it.

17. Be grateful for nature and everything it offers.

18. Take 3 minutes to list the awesome things your body can do and

be grateful for your body to make it possible.

19. Think of someone who inspires you to be a better and kinder person.

20. Before your next meal, pause and sit in gratitude and think how the food came to your table and be grateful for the person who prepared it. 

21. Be grateful for your family and ancestors who brought you into this world.

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