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What Clients are saying...

Harue is an amazing practitioner! Every time I see her, I reach a new layer of relaxation and healing. I look forward to each session with great anticipation knowing that I am going to feel great and have a lingering sense of wellness in my body. I highly recommend Harue if you are looking for a healing massage experience that is relaxing and deeply soothing.


"I've been coming to Harue for over a year now for massage. After each and every session I feel totally renewed and refreshed. Harue is very present with you during the session and is able to tune into your body's needs. I always feel well taken care of by Harue and appreciate her thoroughness and knowledge of the human body. I'm so grateful to have found such a kind, wonderful and thoughtful massage therapist like her. Harue is a true healer and light in this world. "               




"I received a several and various massages from Harue. Over the years, she keeps advancing her skills and knowledge by taking workshops continuously. I had Thai, Shiatsu,Lomi Lomi, Craniosacral and recently belly massage. I liked them and recommend them all. It really depends on what your body needs at the time you see her. She listens to you and to your body. Her latest addition, belly massage was very refreshing. Usually I want to call it a day after the massage and rest, however after the belly massage, my body was energized and my mind became clearer. It was not only belly,  many other organs in the area as well. She is calm and neutral with strong yet gentle hands.I highly recommend Harue."                                                                                                  


"I am so glad I have found Harue as my main massage therapist. I have had many in my life and
find Harue both strong and assertive given her small frame plus she has a lot of really lovely touches such as producing lovely hot towels for the more tender spots which is such a treat.

I like a therapist who is confident about what she is doing and works on the tough areas until she is happy with having made an improvement and this describes Harue. I also find her such a delightful, caring and positive person, every time I see her is a tonic for the soul."



"I love receiving Craniosacral sessions from Harue. In every session I quickly sink into a deeply settled and quiet space, somewhere between my sleeping and waking mind. I am always totally amazed by the knowingness of her hands; they seem to always know exactly what my body needs. Magic! After every session, it feels like a layer of holding has been shed from my system, and I feel more softened and free in my body and mind. Harue's sessions have really helped to free patterns of anxiety and holding in my body, and I recommend her powerful bodywork to all."



"I'm not generally that “leave a review” kind of person but I wanted to take a moment to write some nice things about Harue and my experience getting craniosacral therapy from her. I don’t have any major physical problems other than some typical middle age related issues. Minor things like sleep trouble (waking up at 3 am and not being able to get back to sleep), memory issues, brain fog, slight hearing loss, inability to concentrate for long periods, etc. If you’re around 50 I’m sure you’ll recognize some if not all of these!

   After a few treatments with Harue I’ve seen major improvements across the board.  I have no idea what the science is behind craniosacral but I can say that it is one of the more relaxing ways you can spend 60-90 minutes. I guess I would describe it as extremely light acupressure often using your own bodyweight to apply that pressure.

   The first night after my very first treatment I slept a full 6 hours before waking up. So much better than the usual 3 or 4!!! I was even able to fall back asleep for an extra hour after that.

   Anyway, if you’re like me and looking for some non-pharmaceutical help with these annoying problems of middle age I highly recommend you contact Harue and give craniosacral a try.  "









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